Geographic Situation

Portu Errota is located in the estuary of Gernika, Urdaibai (Reserve of the Biosphere), in the province of Bizkaia, Basque Country.

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The tidemill Portu Errota is located in the center of an authentic natural paradise, the estuary of Gernika.

The month of December of 1984, to the demand of the Basque Government, the estuary and the Valley of Mundaka-Gernika was declared Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO. This means the international recognition of its ecological, socioeconomic and historical values, as well as the necessity to protect these values. In 1993 it is approved the Governing Plan of Use and Management of the Reserve of the Biosphere of URDAIBAI. The mill by its situation and importancy was included in the Governing Plan, which means the necessity to conserve it and to maintain it.


Gautegiz Arteaga

This city council dominates the right margin of the estuary of Gernika, being located to 5 km of the Villa Foral (Gernika) and approximately to 40 km of Bilbao.

It emphasizes by the quality of his houses, many of them of century XVII, as well as the Castle of Eugenia de Montijo, and specially the zone that goes from the castle to the estuary and the district of Islas. It is a very pleasant zone by where to walk and to contemplate the beauty of estuary and of the harmonious mix of the human development and the nature.


The mill Portu Errota, formerly also denominated with the name of Ozollo Errota, is located in Ozollo. This it is a precious and very old district made up of two traditional "caseríos" and two houses, one of them constructed on the old hermitage of San Roque. The "caserío" of Ozollo, constructed in 1694, is a magnificent monument of the Basque architecture of the time. At the moment it belongs to the Uriarte family.

Isla Bekoa

The district of Isla Bekoa limits with the mill. In this area is located the hermita of San Lorenzo, and the"caserios" of Galarza and Argatzburu (to see photo taken from the mill). " To lose " by the fields and footpaths of this district it simultaneously produces a superb sensation of tranquillity of being able to admire from his higher points the beauty of the countryside and the meanders of the estuary.